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The latest knives from Haruyuki are here, and we couldn't be happier. The Shiso line combines ultra modern machine forging techniques, with years and years of knife making experience from the Haruyuki craftsman and blacksmiths. The result is consistent, ultra high performance kitchen cutlery.
Shiso AS knives are built exactly the way I love. Stainless clad Aogami super, kurochi finish, octagonal wa-handle, to me this recipe is perfect. For hard working chefs having a lightweight, beautiful, high performance knife is key to getting through a long day in the kitchen.
All of the Shiso AS knives are fitted with a super gorgeous, and  very comfy octagonal wa-handle. This type of handle makes the most sense to me, and instills and sense of comfort and control with the user.
Knife Stuff:
Steel: Aogami Super clad w/stainless steel
HRC: 63:64
Wa-Handle: Octagonal Murado w/blonde collar
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