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Beautiful selection of knives! Couldn't be more excited to come back and buy myself some more, and some sharpening stones as well to start honing my own sharpening skills. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff as well, highly recommended for all of your knife needs!

Nigel C. Poirier

Stopped in for a quick glance and left with a whole new perspective on knives. Adam is extremely knowledgeable but he is also really friendly. Thus, you don’t feel like your talking to a knife bully when you realize your ignorance of cutlery (haha). Shop here or buy his knives online. It’s worth the investment.

Josh Phillips

I usually sharpen my own knives, but took a couple of difficult ones in to Adam to see what he could do with them. He did an awesome job - both now have a better edge than they've ever had. That, and he let me drool over the racks of knives - such pretty, pretty steel...I'll be back for sure.

Kevin Harris

I brought a knife to Adam to have it sharpened. Very quick turn around and very high quality work. Will be returning!

Mike Baker

My knives have been shamefully dull for far to long. Adam fixed that, and was more than accommodating to my quick turn-around time needs. Highly recommended for anyone looking for sharpening.

Issac Grant