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The Cook's Edge

155 Queen Street

Charlottetown, PE



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What Else Would You Expect? This is the second Takeda I have bought from Adam at Cooks Edge and the knife obviously speaks for itself, for a lot, once you try one of these knives, its a game changer. There isnt another shop in in the Maritime s and likely the country as intimate and personal as The Cook's Edge while still passing along a myriad of knowledge that shop owner adam has accumulated in his days behind the line and beyond. Do yourself a favour and go pay Adam a visit

Jesse M.

Adam is super friendly and stayed open late just to show me around his shop and let me hold his specialty knives. Not I my did he get me an oyster knife I needed, but he took his time to explain to me the difference between all the different knifes and let me test them out on a potato! The Cook’s Edge is an awesome shop and I look forward to going back in to add to my arsenal and talk more about his awesome knives.

Kevin Lacaille

I still haven't been able to make the trek from NB to visit his shop, but I've messaged Adam a few times with questions - he is incredibly helpful and gave me some great info. He carries brands that you really aren't going to find at any other stores in Atlantic Canada and he's super passionate about knives. I've had a couple family members that live in Charlottetown echo this as well. I am actively planning a day trip to the Island specifically to go here - if that tells you anything.

Justin Magee

My Christmas presents arrived. Thank you Adam! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Wishes from Singapore.

Chong Ricky

This is the best experience I have ever had when purchasing knives. Not only does the owner walk you through your needs and what's best for you, he's always there for advice and support. I have only been a customer for the past three months and I'm asking myself where has this shop been for 20 years of my career? I have made three purchases and am about to make my fourth. Adam has extremely high end product and exceptional customer service. If your an experienced Chef or a beginner apprentice, he has something to fit into your kit. I urge you to go to the website, call the shop, send an email. Any form of contact with The Cook's Edge and you will thank me for opening your eyes to a shop that knows a cook's needs, wants and desires. He knows how to show off the swag that we all love and make sure you are buying what you really need. If you haven't thought outside the box about Kitchen tools, gear and accessories here's your chance.. By the way your welcome!!!
Cheers, Adam and The Cook's Edge you have started a revolution!!!!!!!!

Ed Farrell

The Cook’s Edge has an amazing selection of hand crafted Japanese knives and huge-end cooking tools. This amazing selection is accompanied by friendly and knowledgeable service. Couldn’t recommend this place more highly!


Adam displays excellent customer service, and he’s filled with knowledge and great humour.

Cordell W.