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On my recent trip to Japan I decided to focus in on Sakai knife-makers to learn more of the history of knife making in this area. Sakai Kikumori was established in 1926, and takes extreme pride in the fact their area of the country is world famous for knife making.
They forge everything from traditional single bevel knives for sushi perpetration, to double edged "western" knives, and are also famous for their water quenched honyaki knives. In April, 2011, Kawamura Hamono received the certification of “SAKAI WAZASHU” by the Sakai Chamber of Commerce, and are not only recognized by the Japanese government for their contributions to the local economy, but also a nod to their reputation around the globe. 
These knives are forged by master Yoshikazu Tanaka, one of the most talented and highly regarded blacksmiths in the region. He uses a Hitachi white carbon #2 cutting core to craft these traditional single bevel Japanese sushi chef knives.The  Level of precision a chef can achieve using these knives is unparalleled.   
All knives in this line are fitted with a traditional Wa-handle made from magnolia wood.
*Please note, these knives are iron clad and require extra when using. Please wipe clean and dry these knives immediately after use. For more info read carbon knife care and our knife care blog. 
*Sakai knife makers often measure the knife blade from the Machi(Start of Handle) to the Kissaka(tip). For actual edge length, please see knife specs.

Knife specs:
Steel: Shirogami #2
HRC: 62:63
Wa-Handle: Octagonal magnolia wood w/buffalo horn collar
Blacksmith: Yoshikazu Tanaka
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