Carbon knife care

Care for your carbon steel knives:

Anyone who has used a carbon knife can testify that they are awesome. They cut beautifully, they sharpen easier than stainless knives, and generally look rad when handled and cared for properly.

The downside to owning a carbon steel knife is that is can rust. To avoid rusting, please wipe the blade clean after use, and NEVER store a knife that is not dry.

After time, with proper care, you will develop what is called patina. The patina on your blade will only get better looking over time, and will become more resistant to oxidation.

If you do happen to notice a little rust forming, not to worry. Simply use a soft sponge or scrubby (never use steel) with warm soapy water to remove. Afterwards apply a small amount of camellia oil or mineral oil, and away you go!