Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2022

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2022

Mother's Day is this weekend! To find out first-hand what a mother would like for Mother's Day, we asked Tiffany, Adam's wife, for some ideas. This was her response:

As a mother myself, would I be happy with a gift from The Cook's Edge? Absolutely! But I think that most moms would agree, that in addition to a thoughtful gift, a BREAK is what we want! So don't forget to let the mother in your life have a nap or time to lay in bed and read or watch a show IN PEACE! haha ok now that I have that covered, let's get into some gift ideas. 

I am certainly not a professional chef, but I do enjoy cooking and I do a lot of it. I am lucky that Adam is always bringing home knives and other goodies for me to try. These are the things that I reach for the most:

Yu Kurosaki Gekko Petty 120mm: I love this little knife. It is no secret that kids love snacks, so I am preparing what feels like a million snacks a day. I always reach for this knife when I need to cut up fruit, berries and other things into non-choking-hazard-sized pieces.

Takeshi Saji VG10 Rainbow Damascus Santoku 180mm- I have really been enjoying using this knife when I am preparing meals. As a bonus, I don't have to worry so much about forgetting to wipe it off immediately, since it is stainless and a bit more forgiving than some carbon knives. It is sharp, I like the size and weight and the finish is very unique and beautiful. 

The Gift of a Sharp Knife (drop off her knives for sharpening)- If a new knife isn't in the budget, you could bring in the knives she already owns for a sharpening service! Believe it or not, our knives at home aren't always sharp, but when Adam gets the time to do it, I definitely notice and appreciate it!

Microplane Classic Zester- Before I met Adam, I had a citrus zester that really made me hate seeing lemon zest in a recipe. Now that I have this one, I love it! I use it regularly for zesting citrus, grating parmesan, and when I am too lazy to chop garlic, l use this to quickly grate it instead. 

Larch Wood Large Cutting Board- This cutting board is a staple in our kitchen, we don't even put it away because it is pretty enough to just sit on the counter full time. We have a large one for the majority of the food prep and a smaller one we use only for fruit and bread (I can't handle even a hint of onion or garlic flavor on fruit, so we definitely need two separate boards). Having a good quality cutting board really makes a huge difference.

Large Plastic Bowl Scraper- At first I didn't really know what this was, it was just something Adam used. But once I started using it, I realized this little piece of plastic is so helpful! I use it every day to push the food off the cutting board into the pan and that small act has been so much better than just using my hands, especially for sticky things like garlic. It is also great for cleaning up the big mess I make on the counter when I bake bread, biscuits or cinnamon rolls (Yes, I am a messy cook, and yes, it drives Adam crazy haha). I probably wouldn't recommend the board scraper being the only gift you give her, that may not go over so well lol. But it is a great add-on! 

8" Whisk- We eat a lot of salads and I like making our own simple salad dressings. In my humble opinion, if you are used to whisking things with a fork, stop. Get this instead. It is so much better. 

And if you just aren't sure what she would like...

Gift Card- Find me a person that doesn't like receiving gift cards! This is a wonderful way to show her you care and leaves her with the ability to choose exactly what she wants. 

If you have questions or need assistance to choose a gift, Adam and his employees are ready to help! Just drop in or call the shop at 902-370-2470. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the different types of mothers and mother figures out there! 
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