5 Questions with Chef Michael Smith

5 Questions with Chef Michael Smith

We were so happy to have Chef Michael Smith stop in for a visit to our shop recently. He graciously agreed to answer 5 questions for our blog and social media. Here is what we chatted about:


A- Is there a certain food or ingredient that you will be highlighting at the Inn (at Bay Fortune) this year that you are really excited about?

M- Well, we focus on just increasing the diversity of that incredible farm of ours. Growing all those amazing fruits and vegetables, all those different herbs, and we are always looking for new things to add to that mix. We were just talking randomly the other day about sweet cicely, miner’s lettuce and making sure that we have the shiso that has the purple and green on different sides.


A- You have been on numerous TV shows all throughout your career. Do you have anything new in the works?

M- I do, I am working now with RBC as a food ambassador, creating exclusive content for the Avion collection and I gotta say, its awesome! I have been doing this for twenty-plus years and now, with today’s technology and working with my good friend Guy Tran, we are able to bang this content out in a way that is so real and authentic and so much fun. The process is fun again.


A- Do you have a favourite food to cook? Is there a meal that your family asks for a lot?


M- For me though, of course, food is always defined by who’s there with me. What’s on the table I don’t think is as important as who’s at the table. So chances are that we are cooking with Island ingredients as a favourite meal. Really for me, it’s those meals when the kids are there, you know i have two girls, Gabe’s off in college but the girls are a little finicky. So more often than not, it’s simple- roast chicken and vegetables, that kind of thing. You know I can get everyone at the table to eat that. But if Daddy’s testing a baba ghanouj recipe or something, forget it, half the table is not in.


A- Do you have a favourite foodie destination?

We’re standing in it Adam. I mean we’re so damn lucky. Look what we get to do and where we get to do it. This truly is my favourite foodie destination. Having said that, I treasure travel as much as the folks that come and see us and I really look forward to getting back on the road and seeing what I’ve missed in the last couple of years. Pretty close to the top of the list right now is a place in Cape Breton, The Bite House, that I want to check out. And I still haven’t had the chance to see what my good friend Ned Bell is doing at the Naramata in the Okanagan. So it's time to get back on the road.


A- So what knife do you find yourself reaching for the most?

M- My workhorse knife for me is one of a couple of different chef knives I have with classic European shapes. I am looking forward though Adam to getting to know the Japanese blades that you are teaching me to understand. There’s a whole different vibe with the new Japanese blades, they are lighter in the hand, they are stronger and I’ve gotta sort of dial in my own strength. It's not an easy transition from the classic German heavy blades that i am used to, moving to a light, super strong Japanese blade, but I am up for the challenge. I am looking forward to it.


Thanks for stopping by Chef! We hope you have a great 2022 season at The Inn at Bay Fortune!


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