Knife Sharpening Service

Paring Knife/Small utility   $8.00
Medium Chef Knife (150mm - 240mm)   $11.00
Large Chef Knife (270mm & up)   $15.00
Japanese Paring Knife  $11.00
Medium Japanese Knife (150mm - 240mm)   $16.00
Large Japanese knife (270mm & up)   $20.00
X-Large Knives (cleaver & scimitars)   $20.00 and up
Pocket Knife   $10.00 and up
Repairs  $8.00 and up*
*Repairs include chips out of the blade, broken tips, blade resurfacing and resurrecting a knife from the pits of hell.
The Cook's Edge reserves the right to adjust all sharpening prices according to the condition of your knives. Some knives need extra attention, thus taking a toll on our stones.
 We sharpen all knives by hand on water stones using traditional Japanese sharpening techniques. The Cook's Edge takes pride in ensuring your knives get the treatment they deserve.