Collection: Inazuma AS

We are super excited to add this new line of knives from Hatsukokoro. 
初(Hatsu)心(Kokoro) translates to 初(innocent) 心(spirit) 

The Inazuma line up is drop dead gorgeous, ticking off a few boxes we really like. The super blue carbon steel cutting edge has been mirror polished and clad in a damascus, nashiji, hammered finish...Crazy, we know!

Aogami Super is one of our favourite knife steels because it is super easy to sharpen, and stays sharp for a long time with regular honing or stropping. Aogami Super also contains a touch of Chromium and Molybdenum, this means the steel is less likely to rust then other carbon steels, and is a bit tougher against wear.

All knives in this line (unless otherwise specified) are fitted with an octagonal wa-handle made from Teak. Teak is a durable hard wood that for centuries has been used in ship building and furniture for the wealthy.

*Please note, these knives are iron clad and require extra when using. Please wipe clean and dry these knives immediately after use. For more info read carbon knife care and our knife care blog. 

Knife Specs:

Steel: Aogami Super

HRC: 62-63

Handle: Octagonal Teak w/Buffalo Horn Collar


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  • Inazuma AS Damascus Bunka 180mm
    Hatsukokoro Inazuma AS Damascus Bunka 180mm - The Cook's Edge
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