5 Products to Make Your Life Easier in 2022

5 Products to Make Your Life Easier in 2022

Ok, so for most people 2022 has been off to a bit of a rough start. We thought we would share some of our favourite culinary essentials that help make cooking easier. Because we all could use a bit of a break right now...amirite?!

Japanese Chef Knife- Using a good quality chef knife will make food prep easier, faster, safer and just overall more enjoyable. This 210mm gyuto from Sakai Kikumori is made from SG2 powdered steel, a low maintenance steel that allows the edge to remain sharp for a long time. 

Silicone Baking Mat- Makes your life easier AND it's good for the environment! Save the parchment paper and use this mat anytime you are roasting veg or baking cookies. Heaven knows we need all the cookies right now. Your food will still crisp up beautifully minus the sticking and clean up is a breeze. (You can buy this mat as a set with the baking tray or on its own).

Bowl Scraper- This simple little tool really pulls its weight in the kitchen. Scraping food off your cutting board into the pan, cleaning flour off your counter, portioning dough and getting every last bit of batter out of a bowl are just a few of the tasks it can be used for.

8" Whisk- This small whisk is perfect for making your own salad dressings, whisking a sauce or just about anything you don't feel like whipping out a big whisk for. Believe me, you will reach for this little guy all the time.  

Microplane Gourmet Zester- If you like a mountain of freshly grated parmesan on top of your pasta, you need this super sharp grater in your life. Honestly, no other grater compares! It is also perfect for zesting citrus, grating garlic and ginger and shaving chocolate and spices. 

Happy Cooking Everyone!

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