2023 Holiday Shopping Guide!

2023 Holiday Shopping Guide!

Well folks, whether you want to believe it or not, it's that time of year again! Why not get your shopping done a bit early so you can relax and enjoy the holidays?!

We put together this handy little shopping guide to help make shopping as easy as can be. You can find a little something for everyone at The Cook's Edge!

The BBQ fanatic

You know the kind, out grilling in all types of weather. We have a few suggestions for the bbq lover in your life.

  • Medium Konro Grill- Grill up some juicy chicken skewers in style. These barbecues are perfect for yakitori, large pieces of meat or whole fish.
  • Chef's Press- Cook burgers, steaks and veggies and get the perfect sear every time! It comes in three different weights, and we recommend getting more than one for maximum versatility. 
The Baker
 If you get them one of these great gifts, maybe they will thank you with some delicious home baking!
  • Maple Rolling Pin- Handmade in BC, this beautiful pin is turned from a solid piece of wood and finished with mineral oil and a homemade blend of natural bees & carnauba wax. It comes with its own linen storage bag. 
The Aspiring Chef
Encourage their newfound love of cooking with some awesome new chef's gear!
  • Hayabusa Rainbow Damascus Gyuto- Hatsukokoro is well known for working with only the best knife makers from around Japan, and their latest offering does not disappoint. This stainless-clad blue carbon knife is easy to sharpen, fun to use and will inspire creativity.
  • Hasegawa Cutting Board- a lightweight cutting board much loved by professional chefs and home cooks alike. The wood core prevents warping and the soft surface is very blade friendly and will not dull your knives.
The Seafood Lover
Our store is located on an island that is famous for its fresh seafood, so you had better believe we have lots of goodies for the seafood lover in your life!
  • Spathis Oyster Shucker- a beautiful, handmade oyster shucker that is durable and a complete pleasure to use. 
  • Take One Fish Book- Take your fish dishes to the next level with this outstanding cook book. 
  • Nogent Fish Spatula- While this spatula is the perfect tool for turning over delicate pieces of fish, you will find yourself using it for everything! It is simply the best spatula ever.
The Knife Lover
 Do you have someone in your life that is already into Japanese knives? Well then you know that anything you get from The Cook's Edge is sure to please. 
  • Nigara Hamono Kagetora Damascus Gyuto- A hand laminated knife from Go Yoshizawa. It has a blue and white carbon damascus steel core and is clad with intricate damascus that makes this knife a real show-stopper. 
  • Sharpening Class- If you are shopping for a (local to us) knife lover, they will love this class. It is a great idea to learn how to properly sharpen and maintain your knives. New dates will be added for classes starting early 2024!
  • Gift Card- I am sure they will have no trouble at all choosing their own brand spanking new knife. 
The Foodie
We have everything they need to cook a beautiful meal...and feel fancy doing it.
  • Flower Ravioli Pasta Stamp- These stamps are imported from Italy, and they know pasta there! It features custom hand lathe turned handles and Italian-made brass housing and ejector. 
  • Microplane Gourmet Zester- This is what the professionals use because no other zester compares! Your foodie will love it. 
  • Plating Tweezers- Nothing says fancy like using tweezers to add the finishing touches to your plate. These are handy to have in the kitchen if you like beautiful presentation. 
The Professional Chef 
If you are shopping for someone that cooks for a living, rest assured that everything we sell is industry-tested and chef approved.
  • Boldric Bag- This durable, 17-piece bag is the perfect size for chefs to carry their knives to and from work. 
  • Gift Card- We said it once but we will say it again, a gift card is always a perfect gift! Let them choose whatever their little hearts desire!

So there you have it, we hope this is helpful. If you still need assistance in choosing a gift, please call us or send us an email. We would be happy to help!





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