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Knife Sharpening Classes

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Learn the basics of knife sharpening using Japanese water stones.

This comprehensive 2 hour lesson will provide you with the basic knowledge of maintaining your kitchen knives using whetstones. The class will cover different steel types, knife construction and anatomy, honing techniques, and proper care.

All you need for this class is a set of 2 stones, and some dull knives to practice on. You can bring your own, or purchase from the shop. There will be discounts available on all sharpening gear the day of the class. Classes are 6pm - 8pm

What we will cover:
1: Steel types-stainless vs carbon
2: Knife anatomy
3: Knife care
4: Stone selection/care
5: Sharpening and honing technique

What you will need:
1: A coarse water-stone (220, 400, 600)
2: A medium water-stone (800 or 1000)
3: 2-3 Dull knives to practice on