Sakai Kikumori NDH Sujihiki 240mm

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Sujihiki (Flesh Slicer): Designed to make slicing meat as effortless as possible. The short height and generally thin blade on the Sujihiki are intended for the user to make a slice with one clean motion. This action ensures you retain flavourful juice and also cuts down on the sawing motion that creates uneven slices.

Knife Specs: 

Knife specs are taken from a randomly selected knife. These specs may vary from knife to knife due to the handmade nature of our products.

  • Steel: AUS10
  • HRC: 58:60
  • Edge Length:  240mm
  • Height at heel:  36mm
  • Distal Taper Heel:  2mm
  • Distal Taper Mid:  2mm
  • Distal Taper Tip:  0.87mm
  • Weight:  124grams 
  • Handle: Single piece lacquered Oak
  • Shape: Sujihiki
  • Finish: Tsuchime
  • Cladding: Stainless
  • Construction: San-Mai
  • Edge bevel: 50/50
  • Knife Line: NDH
  • Blacksmith: 
  • Maker: Sakai Kikumori
  • Sharpener: 
  • Place of Origin: , Japan

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