Takeshi Saji R2 Damascus Staghorn Handle Bunka 180mm

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Bunka: A cross between a santoku and nakiri, the bunka excels in veg prep where push/pull chopping is used. Bunka’s also sport a pointy tip, perfect for scoring mushrooms and dicing small veg!

Master Blacksmith, Takeshi Saji, has been making knives for over 50 years. He began his path immediately after high school, apprenticing under his father  Harukichi Saji. At age 30 he was designated master blacksmith, and quickly became very popular in the Japanese knife market.
Livimg and working in Takefu city, Fukui Prefecture, Saji san is well known for his unique style, and forging techniques. He truly brings out the best qualities in all the materials he uses. His blades are perfectly balanced and absolutely beautiful.
In this line of knives he uses SG2 powder metallurgical steel for ease of maintenance and long lived edges. SG2 is very fine grained and actually quite wear resistant for hard steel, hence it's popularity among knife makers and chefs alike.
All handles on this range of knives are western style Stag-horn for extra style points and durability. 
  • Steel: R2 Powder Steel
  • HRC: 63:64
  • Length: 180mm
  • Height at heel: 
  • Spine thickness above heel: 
  • Handle: Western Styled Staghorn
  • Weight: 
  • Edge/Bevel: 50/50
  • Shape: Bunka
  • Finish: Black Nickle Damascus
  • Blacksmith: Takeshi Saji

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