Mazaki White#2 Migaki Deba 180mm

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Deba: This would be the first knife a sushi chef would reach for at the start of each day to break down their fish. Traditionally the deba is a single bevel knife designed specifically for fish butchery, but it can also be found in 50/50 beveled versions called “Yo-deba”. The single bevel design allows the knife to get super sharp and lends itself perfectly to the overall breakdown of fish. The hefty weight allows the user to easily navigate through fish skin and certain bones. 

Knife specs are taken from a randomly selected knife. These specs may vary from knife to knife due to the handmade nature of our products.

  • Steel: White#2
  • HRC: 62~63
  • Edge Length: 180mm
  • Height at heel: 56.45
  • Spine thickness above heel: 7mm
  • Weight: 304 grams
  • Handle: Octagonal Magnolia Wood
  • Shape: Deba
  • Finish: Migaki
  • Cladding: Iron Clad
  • Edge bevel: Single Bevel
  • Construction: Ni-Mai
  • Knife Line: White#2 Migaki
  • Maker: Mazaki Hamono
  • Blacksmith: Naoki Mazaki
  • Sharpener/Grinder:  Naoki Mazaki
  • Origin: Sanjo, Japan

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