Kenji Togashi Mt.Fuji Honyaki Yanagiba 300mm

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This exquisite water quenched blade, forged by Kengi Togashi, has been dubbed  "Mt. Fuji with waves" because of the unique hamon.

Kenji Togashi is one of the most well known highly skilled traditional craftsman in Sakai, and his knives are true masterpieces. For this line of knives he teams up with master knife sharpener and traditional craftsman Hirotsugu Tosa, to create some of the most sought after knives for professional sushi chefs and knife collectors.

This knife is a single bevel Yanagiba meant only for slicing raw pieces of protein. It is forged from a single piece of Hitachi Shirogami #2, white paper steel. I recommend the owner of this knife be proficient with water-stones, as this knife requires special attention and care. 

I have personally selected and inspected this knife on a recent trip to Sakai, where I also carefully picked out a matching Sandal wood handle and saya. 

The Kanji on the tang reads: 2019, Made in Sakai, Senshu, Togashi made

 Steel Shirogami #2 water quenched
HRC 62:63
Overall Length 450mm
Edge Length 294mm
Height at heel 37.1mm
Height at belly 35.3mm
Height 1 cm from tip 14.5mm
Spine thickness above heel 4.1mm
Weight w/handle 265mm
Handle Red Sandalwood w/white buffalo horn collar
Saya Red Sandalwood custom friction fit
Shape Yanagiba
Finish Mirror Fuji nami
Blacksmith Kenji Togashi
Sharpener and finisher Hirotsugu
Maker Sakai Takayuki, Aoki Hamono
Origin Sakai, Japan


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