Hasegawa FSR Soft Cutting Board w/Wood Core

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FSR Series

The Soft Cutting Board cushions and absorbs the blows of your knife, thus preserving your blade’s sharpness. (Unlike typical synthetic boards.) So it is recommended for delicate cuttings (sushi, sashimi). The wood core structure boosts benefits below.

Light Weight

The wood core makes it 30-50% lighter than other solid plastic cutting boards. Handling the cutting boards becomes much easier, leading to better hygiene and maintenance. Also, the risk of injury is lower if you drop it.


It does not easily warp or bend under long-term use or high-temp washing. It is always stable and dish-washer safe.

Blade Friendly

The soft materials applied to the surfaces make it very blade-friendly, which helps maintain a sharp blade on knives. Also, the grippy surface prevent ingredients from moving when cutting, suitable for delicate cuts!

Concerns about the wood core?
Our wood core is sterilized and covered with thick plastic layers fully and completely. Therefore, the wood won't be exposed if it is handled correctly.


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