Yu Kurosaki Raijin Special Cobalt

Yu Kurosaki Raijin Special Cobalt

Yu Kurosaki began his blacksmithing career in 2002 and has already been awarded the title of master craftsman. In fact, he is the youngest blacksmith working at Takefu Knife Village to earn that recognition. His knives are true works of art, and we couldn't be any more excited to share them with you. 

This line of knives is named after Raijin, the god of thunder and lighting storms. Kurosaki-san has emulated the thunder and lightning with his hammer strikes, creating the unique tsuchime finish. This finish not only looks amazing, it helps with reducing the amount of food that gets stuck to the blade face.

At the core of these knives is cobalt special steel. Cobalt special is a Takefu steel (also known as CoS3) which as all stainless, hard, and durable, making them awesome for long days of food prep. They take a razor edge, and are a joy to use.

We have chosen to fix all knives in this line with an octagonal wenge handle. This handle shape is excellent for a non-slip grip, and is good for both righty and lefty's.

Knife stuff:
Steel: Takefu Cobalt special CoS3
HRC: 61:63
Handle: Octagonal Wenge W/Buffalo Horn Collar

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