Tantakatan AS

Tantakatan AS

What can I say, other than these knives are INSANE value! Haruyuki AS are forged with the awesome aogami super (blue carbon steel) and clad in stainless steel for ease of maintenance...as far as quality craftsmanship goes, they are the bees knees.

Aogami super is definitely a favorite steel of mine. I love how easy it is to sharpen, it's not quite as reactive as other carbon steel, and it holds a beauty edge that can be brought back quite easily with a strop or ceramic rod.

The beautiful finish on the knife is what we call tsuchime in the knife world, this simply translates to hammered. Having a "tsuchime" finish on the knife not only looks very nice, it aids the knife in gliding through food with ease. Style and function, the reason why we love Japanese knives!!

These knives are fitted with a full tang, riveted handle made from pakka wood. They have a center balance for a more familiar feeling knife, but are still nice and light. Yes, those are the actual prices...BONUS!

 Steel Aogami Super (blue carbon) clad in stainless
HRC 63:64
Handle Western Red Pakka-wood

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