Sukenari SG2 佑成/すけなり

Sukenari SG2 佑成/すけなり

Located in Toyama City 富山県, Toyama prefecture, Sukenari (Skenari Ltd.佑成/すけなり) has been in the knife forging business since 1933. Toyama is a costal city in the heart of Japan known for power supply and robot manufacturing.

Sukenari knives have been made with all types of knife making steels in the past, but are gaining recognition for their use of modern steel such as SG2, HAP40 and ZDP189. They hand-forge everything from single bevel traditional Japanese blades, to 3 rivet full tang western knives. For these knives they have chosen SG2 for the core steel.  SG2 is super hard, can get mega sharp, and it holds an edge like carbon steel, but it's stainless, bonus! This extremely fine grained steel is one of our favourite steels at the shop for it’s ease of sharpening and low maintenance characteristics.

All knives in this series are fitted with an octagonal wa-handle. This is our favourite shape for a knife handle at The Cook's Edge, it gives excellent control and fits comfortably in the hand of either left or right handers.

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