Built completely by one man, Masashi Yamamoto, these knives are true works of art. He does everything from forging the steel, making and fitting the handle, and the kanji on the blade that reads Masashi Saku.

All knives in this line have SLD steel at the core, sandwiched between two layers of softer stainless steel. Designed by Hitachi as a steel used for dies to cut and punch other steels, SLD has also proven itself in the Japanese cutlery world. It’s composition looks something like this:  Carbon 1.4-1.6%, Chromium 11.0-13.0%, Molybdenum 0.8-1.2% & Vanadium 0.2-0.50%. This translates to a stainless steel that is quite durable and holds a razor edge.

Masashi san polishes the knives to an almost mirror finish! They are drop dead gorgeous, and I often hear people say “I wouldn’t even want to use it”, but seriously folks, that is what they are built for. These knives have quite a flat profile which I like because I enjoy the "push pull" style of cutting. What I really like though is the unique geometry of the blades, allowing for efficient "rock chopping" as well

The handles on these knives are pretty unique. They are built with Pagoda wood and are half octagon and half oval-shaped which fits in the hand very nicely. All handles are also fixed with a water buffalo horn collar. SOO NICEE!!!!

Steel Type: SLD Stainless Steel
Rockwell Hardness: 60:62
Wa-Handle: Pagoda Wood w/Water buffalo horn collar

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