Considered by many to be one of the best knife sharpeners in Japan, Shibata san has a huge influence in modern Japanese kitchen cutlery.

Here, he has created what some people in the industry are calling the sharpest knives they have ever seen straight out of the box. Oh yeah, did I mention they look totally badass too!! All knives in the Kotetsu line have a sloped nose, like a kiritsuke. This is actually where they get their name. They are named after the Kotetsu, which was the first iron-clad destroyer in the Japanese naval fleet. It had a sloped bow for ramming other boats, which made it a feared opponent.

The use of R2 powdered steel not only helps these blades keep an edge for longer than other stainless steels, it is super easy to sharpen and takes an amazing edge. R2 steel is a hard steel designed for tools like hammers and gardening equipment, so it is relatively tough as well. Shibata has also ensured the knives have a slight rough finish, this helps break up surface tension with the food you are cutting, resulting in less sticking to the blade.

The handle is made from rosewood, and is my personal favourite shape to make a handle. They are comfy, lightweight, and give the user a feeling of confidence while chopping.

Since opening the shop I am starting to build up a collection of knives for my customers to try out before buying. The 180mm bunka is one of the knives I also take home on the regular. I have no qualms about saying this knives is a total workhorse veg knife. It is extremely fun to cook with, and feels great if you are used to a push/pull style of cutting.

Steel: R2 Powdered stainless steel
Wa-Handle: Octagon Rosewood Handle w/Pakkawood collar

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