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Hatsukokoro is a wholesaler based in Amagasaki, Japan. Their collaborative approach to business make them a very fun company to work with.  Their ever expanding range of knives has something for every skill level, from one of a kind honyaki masterpieces to everyday use knives for culinary students and home cooks.

This line of knives is made in the knife making mecca, Seki city. Seki has for centuries  been a hub for trade and is known as one on the largest knife producing cities in the world. These knives are san-mai construction. San-mai directly translates to 3 layers sandwiched together. The core of the knife is made with VG5 Takefu steel. This type of steel is commonly found in high-end food processor blades, so it is quite resistant to wear and easy sharpen.

All knives are made with a western style pakka wood handle with a welded bolster. This type of handle construction gives the knife a centre balance and heftier feel. Pakka wood is made from recycled wood and resin. It is sandwiched together and pressed, making it super tough to withstand abuse.

Steel: VG5 Stainless
HRC: 59~60
Western Handle: Eco wood with bolster
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  • VG5 Gyuto 240mm
    Hatsukokoro VG5 Gyuto 240mm - The Cook's Edge
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