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 The Fujiwara family roots can be traced back 140 years to traditional Japanese sword making.
Teruyasu Fujiwara IV is a legend in the knife community who has turned to forging kitchen cutlery as a way of keeping tradition alive.
Fujiwara's influence can be seen all over the globe by how he inspires fellow knife makers with his timeless knives, they are true works of art.
His Nashiji line of knives are a very awesome, and less expensive way to experience his craftsmanship. Nashiji is the the Japanese word used to describe the skin of a pear. This is also used to describe the cladding of these knives, very rustic, and simply beautiful. I am personally a huge fan of these knives, and use the 195mm gyuto regularly at home.
The rough texture is exceptional at releasing food from the blade face.
Shirogami #1 is the steel at the core of the knife. Easy to sharpen and extremely fun to use, white carbon requires a very deft hand when forging.
Knife Specifications:
Steel Type: Shirogami #1 (White Steel)
HRC: 65:66
Handle Type: D-shaped magnolia
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