Our Christmas Wishlists

Our Christmas Wishlists

While we oooh and ahhh over everything that comes into the shop and wish we could take it home, that just isn't feasible. So here are the things that we have in the shop right now that are on our very own Christmas wishlists.

Adam's Wishlist:

  • Takeshi Saji Tsuchime Nakiri 165mm- This blade has such a cool texture and a beautiful corian handle. I like the height, it is nice and tall and it is stainless steel so my wife can't ruin it on me (I kid, I kid).
  • Yoshikazu Tanaka Blue Damascus Kiritsuke 210mm- Tanaka is becoming one of my favorite blacksmiths, I love his knives. This knife is truly a functional work of art.
  • 65mm La Gondola Ravioli Stamp- My idea of a relaxing Sunday is slowly making pasta from scratch. I would love to get the time to make beautiful ravioli with this beautiful stamp.

Marcel's Wishlist:

  • Shigeki Tanaka Nashiji Gyuto 210mm- This knife has one of the nicest cutting feels I have ever experienced in my life, and that says a lot considering the amount of knives I have cut with.
  • 12" Benchcrafted Walnut Magblock- Of course I would need a place to store my new Shigeki Tanaka to protect its edge, and this walnut magblock would look beautiful in my kitchen.
  • Medium Rare Knight Rider Apron- I really like the way they made the straps for this apron, nice and reinforced. Even though I no longer cook in restaurants, this apron is also great for avid home cooks like myself.

So there you have it folks, this is what we would love to find under our Christmas trees this year. Send us a message if you need any help choosing something for under your tree, we are always available to answer any questions!



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