Adam's 5 Must-Haves For Any Kitchen

Adam's 5 Must-Haves For Any Kitchen

Before I opened The Cook's Edge, I was a classically trained chef with a long career of cooking in restaurants. Over the years, no matter whether I was cooking at home or at work, I was always reaching for the same tried and true kitchen tools. I decided to share with you a list of my 5 favourite kitchen tools that I can't live without.

Kuhn Peeler

Everyone needs a peeler and these cute and colourful peelers are the best! The carbon steel blades are sharp and make quick and easy work of peeling vegetables.

Fish Spatula

This simple kitchen tool is a must-have because of its versatility. It certainly isn't only for fish! At our house, I love to use it for everything, especially making the perfect over-easy eggs each morning. It is well-made, durable and a pleasure to use.

Benriner Mandoline

When you need thinly sliced vegetables, nothing compares to using a mandoline. It is quick, efficient and gives you consistent results. With a number of attachments it can also be used for the perfect julienne or matchsticks. This mandoline is a favourite of professional chefs all over the world.

Larch Wood Cutting Board

It is safe to say that I have tried many, many types of cutting boards over my years as a chef. So when I say that The Larch Wood end-grain cutting boards are the best, I really do mean it. They are durable, beautiful, functional and sustainably-made. If properly cared for, these cutting boards can last your lifetime and will help to prolong the lives of your knives as well. The Large One Hander Larch Wood Board is the perfect size for everyday use.

Sakai Kikumori Nashiji Bunka

Of course, no kitchen is complete without an awesome chef knife. The Sakai Kikumori Nashiji Bunka is a great all-purpose knife that will make meal-prep a breeze. It's sharp, comfortable to use and its approachable size and shape makes it a great introduction to Japanese knives. It is one of my favourite knives to use at home!

We have grouped together this list of my favourites into the Chef Essentials Bundle, a great way to save while getting everything you need for the kitchen!

Now get cooking!


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