TOGRIP Sharpening Stabilizer

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Sharpen a knife like “The Meister”

  • Adopting the hi-precision ceramic made in Japan.
  • Capable for knifes in different sizes by using both ends.


  • TOGRIP keeps appropriate angle against a whetstone and makes your sharpening easier by mounting it on the blade’s spine.
  • Both ends of TOGRIP can be used. Wider end for larger blade such as Santoku and Chef knife, smaller end for tiny blade like Petty.
  • By using smaller end for larger blade, you could get sharper edging.


  • It may scratch surface of blade.
  • Do not mount this device on thicker blade, like Deba Knife. It may result in serious injury if you forcibly try to attach.
  • Ceramic may break if it falls down or against strong impact.
  • Be careful not to touch the blade’s edge when mounting.
  • Do not use dishwasher to avoid damage.

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