Nigara Hamono Kurozome Damascus Sakimaru Yanagiba 270mm(Blade Only)

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Yanagiba: A single bevel knife used for slicing raw fish. Generally very thin at the edge for precision knife work, it is designed for the pull cutting technique used by sushi chefs. The single bevel design allows the knife to glide through the knife disturbing as little protein molecules as possible. This all results in shiny slices of food, perfect for raw presentation.

Knife Specs:

Knife specs are taken from a randomly selected knife. These specs may vary from knife to knife due to the handmade nature of our products.

  • Steel: Aogami #2
  • HRC: 63~64
  • Edge Length: 260mm
  • Height at heel: 38.3mm
  • Distal Taper Heel:  4.17mm
  • Distal Taper Mid:  2.76mm
  • Distal Taper Tip:  0.47mm
  • Weight:  171grams
  • Handle:
  • Shape: Yanagiba
  • Finish: Etched Damascus
  • Cladding: Soft Iron
  • Construction: Single Bevel
  • Knife Line: Kurozome
  • Maker: Nigara Hamono
  • Blacksmith: Gō Yoshizawa
  • Place of Origin: Hirosaki, Japan

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