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The new "One Hander" Larch Wood cutting boards are the thinnest and lightest boards they make. They are constructed the same way as their original boards, and still have that AMAZING look.

Soft rubber feet are attached with stainless steel screws on the bottom of the board. They use them for 3 reasons:
-So your board wont slide on the counter top
-It makes it easier to pick up
-Prevents moisture from being trapped under the board.

The Large One Hander is the largest model of our One Hander cutting boards; despite its generous dimensions it can still be easily picked up with one hand. The end grain design used on our boards, where the wood fibres are arranged upright like a brush, makes the cutting surface particularly gentle on your knives, self-healing and therefore extremely durable. Thanks to the elegant pattern resulting from the tree’s annual growth rings, the board is also ideal for serving or presenting food of all kinds. As with all our cutting boards, the Large One Hander has rubber feet that prevent moisture build-up under the board, make it easier to pick up and stop the board from slipping on the counter surface.

Additional information

Weight 1.95 kg
Dimensions 38 × 23.8 × 3.4 cm
Weight (Pounds)

4.3 lbs

Dimensions (Inches)

15 x 9.5 x 1.25 in


Kiln dried larch wood

Renewable Resource

Sourced from locally managed sustainable wood lots

Origin of Manufacture

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada




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