Imanishi Karasu Natural Stone

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Natural Japanese water stones a revered by knife collectors and enthusiasts for their ability to make knives INSANELY sharp!

*Please note, disclaimer: All natural Japanese water stones will vary in size, weight, and appearance.

Care instructions for your natural water stone:

  • This is a water stone, only use clean room temp water. This is a splash and go stone, DO NOT SOAK!
  • DO NOT USE oil, this will ruin your stone and render it useless, not good.
  • I recommend purchasing a natural nagura like the Mikawa or Kuro you will need one to build a slurry.
  • Keep this stone flat using a truing stone, or Atoma plate.
  • Always wipe your stone dry when you are done sharpening/polishing.
  • Store your stone in a cool dark place.