Cooking with Japanese Pickles

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Enjoy healthy and delicious Japanese pickles with the help of a leading Japanese food expert!

Homemade Japanese pickles are incredibly tasty and easy to make, and have numerous gut health and digestion benefits. This amazing book shows you how to make your own Japanese-style pickles at home using fresh vegetables from your garden or local farmers' market--and how to incorporate them into delicious Japanese homestyle meals.

Author Takako Yokoyama provides 76 pickling recipes grouped into three chapters:
  • Chapter One: Quick pickles that are ready to eat immediately--like Spicy Eggplant Pickles, Cabbage and Garlic Pickled in Soy Sauce, and Tomatoes Seasoned in Sake Rice Wine
  • Chapter Two: Classic Japanese pickling recipes--such as Umeboshi Preserved Plums, Napa Cabbage Kimchi, and Daikon Radish Pickled in Miso
  • Chapter Three: Seasonal pickles--including Spring Parsley and Butterbur Pickles, Mixed Summer Vegetable Pickles and Winter Beets Pickled in Honey
Yokoyama also presents 21 enticing recipes for meals that incorporate the pickles you make--like Sushi Rolls with Pickled Cabbage and Tofu Hotpot and Onion Salad with Fermented Soybean Dressing.

With commonly asked questions, clear step-by-step instructions, beautiful color photos, and information about the health benefits of pickles, this is an ideal resource for home cooks who want to try their hand at pickling, plant-based eating, or expanding their go-to recipe list.

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