Sakai Kikumori Nami

Sakai Kikumori Nami

On our 2020 trip to Japan we decided to focus in on Sakai knife-makers to learn more of the history of knife making in this area. One knife maker we had our eyes on was Sakai Kikumori. Sakai Kikumori was established in 1926, and takes pride in the fact their area of the country is world famous for knife making. They forge everything from traditional single bevel knives for sushi preparation, to double edged "western" knives, and are also famous for their water quenched honyaki knives. In April, 2011, Kawamura Hamono received the certification of this Sakai brand “ SAKAI WAZASHU”. 

The Nami line of knives is named after their super unique wavy Damsucus cladding that is wrapped around a core steel of AUS10A. AUS10A is an entry level Japanese super steel that is a bit harder than AUS8, but still durable and easy to sharpen.

All knives are fitted with one of our new favourite handles. These handles are octagonal burnt oak that have been lacquered to help with moisture and wear resistance. 

Knife Specs:
Steel: AUS10A Stainless steel
HRC: 60~62
Cladding: Stainless Damascus
Handle: Octagonal Lacquered Burnt Oak

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