Founded in 2004, Miyabi has been proving themselves in the knife world ever since. Produced in Seki, Japan, Miyabi knives are thin, lightweight and sharp as hell.

The new Koh (light) series are nice and thin and take a very keen edge. Miyabi uses FC61 (AKA:13C26) to construct these knives. 13C26 is a steel designed by the Sandvik company as a steel used for razors and knives. This translates to a hard steel that is also durable and is really easy to sharpen, a great steel for beginner sharpeners and knife connoisseurs alike.

All of the knives in the Koh series are fitted with a black pakka-wood octagonal handle. This traditional shaped handle is my favorite shape for making handles. For me it makes the most sense in my hand, not at all bulky, and easy to use, these handles translate to the best maneuverability. These handles give the knife an overall light feel and beautiful balance, perfect for taking care of long prep lists without fatiguing the arm. 

Knife Stuff:

 Steel FC61 AKA:13C26(Sandvik)
HRC 60:61
Handle Octagonal black pakka-wood w/steel collar
Place of origin Seki city
Maker Miyabi
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