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Fujimoto hammered SLD knives are hand-made in Sanjo city, near the heart of the Niigata prefecture. A city famous for steel fabrication that dates back to the Edo period. They make everything from knives to cooking vessels to gardening equipment.

The core of the Fujimoto Hammered SLD knives was designed by Hitachi as a steel used for dies to cut and punch other steels, it has also proven itself in the Japanese cutlery world. It’s composition looks something like this:  Carbon 1.4-1.6%, Chromium 11.0-13.0%, Molybdenum 0.8-1.2% & Vanadium 0.2-0.50%. This translates to a stainless steel thatis quite durable and holds a razor edge. So far in my experience sharpening and using SLD steel, I find it quite enjoyable to work with, and moderately easy sharpen.


All knives in this line are fitted with an octagonal walnut wa-handle made with a black pakka wood ferule.


Steel:SLD semi stainless steel core

HRC 61:62

Handle: Octagonal wa-handle w/pakka wood collar

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