Boldric 9pc Leather Bag

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Carry the most essential in style with the always popular 9 Pocket Leather Knife Bag. This essential bag is made for renowned chefs and culinary students alike with the simple roll-up design and 9 cutlery pockets. Real water buffalo leather and a thick canvas interior flap provide added security to keep your knives and tools safe wherever your work takes you.

This luxury knife bag has 9 slots for knives and tool and can hold a knife with an overall length of 16”(41 cm). When unrolled each knife bag has an overall dimension of 22” x 19” (55 cm x 48.25 cm).


Product Highlights:
• Roll Up Bag
• Water Buffalo Leather
• 9 Pockets for Knives, Cutlery and Utensils
• Zippered Utility Pocket
• Adjustable Leather Shoulder Strap
• Polished Brass Buckles & Snaps
• Waterproof Canvas Interior & Flap

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