Bob Kramer Euroline Damascus

Bob Kramer Euroline Damascus

Master Blacksmith Bob Kramer has teamed up with renowned knife company Zwilling to bring the knife world these beauties, the Euroline Damascus series. These are as close to a handmade Bob Kramer as most people will get. The knives are produced in a factory setting with a team of skilled artisan in the knife mecca, Seki-City, Japan. Located in the center of Japan, it has long played an important part as the crossroads of Japan, connecting the east to the west through such routes as the Nakasendo.

At the core of these knives is SG2 powder steel. SG2 is a high carbon content and a high alloy stainless steel. Powder metallurgy improves the alloy significantly, producing a durable hard steel designed for tool making. The original producer was the Takefu steel company. It takes a scalpel sharp edge, and holds it for an insanely long time when sharpened properly.

All knives in this line are fitted with a very well designed micarta handle. At first glance you would think its a bit large, but once you grip it and use it on the cutting board, it totally makes sense.

These knives are a dream to sharpen, and I find them quite comfortable. The weight of the knife does all the work with these blades, saving your wrist and hands when tasked with repetitive cutting. The 200mm gyuto is a demo knife at the shop that everyone loves to try! It really is fun to watch peoples faces when they cut with this knife, it turns everyone into believers.

Steel: SG2 Powder stainless steel
Handle: Micarta w/welded bolster

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