Knives in the wild Pt.1: Lucy Morrow

Knives in the wild Pt.1: Lucy Morrow

When I was first dreaming up The Cook's Edge, I wanted the shop to be more than just a knife shop. I pictured a place where chefs and cooks could come to exchange stories and ideas, find inspiration, and most of all, get the sharpest knives around. Having the right knife or tool for the job makes a TON of difference. I also wanted to share these tools with the home cooks who like to push their cooking and eat great food.

In this new blog series, I am going to sit down with chefs, cooks and other people that have an influence on the local food scene. We will have a quick chat about why they started cooking, what they eat at home and of course...their favourite knives. I hope you enjoy it!

Last week I sat down with Lucy Morrow, the executive chef of Terre Rouge Craft Kitchen. Lucy has been pretty busy as of late, competing at the Garland Canada International Chef Challenge, doing an eight course tasting dinner with the 2nd year students at The Culinary Institute Of Canada, all while heading up the kitchen at TR. Luckily, she made time for me to ask her a couple questions and see which knife is her favourite.

Adam: "Where are you from?"

Lucy: "Lunenberg County, Nova Scotia"

Adam: "How many years have you been cooking?"

Lucy: "I grew up in the kitchen cooking with my mom and I've been in the industry for five years."

Adam: "Why did you start cooking?"

Lucy: "I just liked doing the whole thing with my mom, my grandparents always really liked cooking and my dad was a big cook as well. Growing up on the farm had a lot to do with it, raising and slaughtering our own pigs. It was really cool growing our own food and having our own eggs from our chickens."

Adam: "That's pretty awesome, that's a great foundation right there!"

Lucy: "Yeah for sure!"

Adam: "What is your favourite dish to cook right now in the restaurant?"

Fried smelts with hawt sauce

Lucy: "I would have to say the fried smelt dish, it's simple and really reflects what we're doing at TR."

Adam: "What do you eat at home?"

Lucy: "Fried rice or sushi, haha."

Adam: "What is your go-to knife?"

Lucy: "I would have to say the Miyabi 200mm gyuto, it's a workhorse knife!"

Adam: "Why do you like Japanese knives?"

Lucy: "I like the Miyabi birchwood series in particular because I'm not scared that I'm going to ruin it or I'm going to break them. I've done two busy seasons with the 200mm gyuto and it's still in perfect shape, minus the fading on the logo which doesn't matter. It's the same knife that I bought, two years later!"

Adam: "They are built with tool steel, that's why they can take a little abuse."

Lucy: "Yeah, I've used them pretty aggressively over the 2 years."

Adam: "So you would say they are reliable?"

Lucy: "Reliable as hell."

Adam: "So how many Japanese knives do you own, is this all of them right here?"

Lucy's girls

Lucy: "No, I have 2 more in the kitchen, so 9 in total!"

Adam: "Awesome, thanks so much for having me!"


Give Chef Lucy Morrow a follow @lucybmorrow  on instagram, then go eat some of her food!


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