Knife Storage 101

Knife Storage 101

PSA: Don't just throw your knives into a kitchen drawer! Storing your knives safely will not only protect you from their sharp edges, but will also protect your knives from becoming dull and damaged.

Here are some great options for storing your knives:

  • Knife Magnets- Our personal favourite way to store knives when they are not in use. Our knife magnets will securely hold your knives while also beautifully displaying them.
  • Blade Guards- One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to protect your knives. Please always consider putting a blade guard on a knife before putting it away in a drawer or knife roll. They come in sizes ranging from 160mm to 310mm.
  • Knife Blocks- Some people love a knife block and they are definitely a good option to keep your knives protected.
  • Knife Bags- Perfect for anyone on the go, whether it be working chefs or anyone that will be taking their knives with them outside of their home.

Always wash and thoroughly dry your knives before storing them away. This will prevent any rusting, pitting or tarnishing of your knives. If you live in a very humid area or have knives with a high carbon content, you can apply some Camellia Blade Oil before storing. This will help to further protect your blade from harmful oxidization.

If you have any questions about knife storage or knives in general, please contact us!

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