Exciting New Product Alert! We Are Now Carrying HASEGAWA CUTTING BOARDS!

Exciting New Product Alert! We Are Now Carrying HASEGAWA CUTTING BOARDS!

We have an exciting new product in our shop! We are happy to announce that we are now carrying the amazing Hasegawa cutting boards from Chiba, Japan. Read on to find out all about these unique boards and how to care for them.

What makes these boards unique?

  • Wooden Core- The manufacturer of these boards, Hasegawa Corporation, started out making skis before moving to kitchen wares. They have incorporated the same wooden core technology from the skis into their cutting boards. This wooden core technology maintains the rigidity of the board, preventing it from warping. 
  • Heat Resistant- These boards don't warp under heat or pressure and are actually dishwasher safe!
  • Lightweight- You will be able to pick up and handle these boards with ease. 
  • Rubber Cutting Surface- The soft rubber surface is very knife friendly and will not lead to dull or damaged knives. In fact, these boards are especially suited for use with more delicate, handcrafted Japanese knives. The rubber surface also prevents food from slipping around while you are cutting, resulting in more precise cuts.
  • Hygienic- Being able to be heat sterilized gives these cutting boards an edge especially for chefs preparing raw foods such as sushi and sashimi. 

How to Care For Your Hasegawa Cutting Board:

  • Wash Frequently- If using in a restaurant setting, the manufacturer suggests to wash this board with dish detergent at least every 2 hours. Otherwise, make sure to wash after each use. 
  • Avoid Hot and Oily Foods- Placing hot and oily foods on the surface of these cutting boards can lead to these boards absorbing oils, especially if the foods are hot. 
  • Bleach- It is safe to use bleach on these boards and it is recommended weekly. Make sure to dilute the bleach accordingly. Do not leave bleach on the board for longer than one hour. 
  • Cutting Board Scraper- Using the Hasegawa cutting board scraper regularly will remove any dirt and odours from the surface of the board. 

You can check out the full collection from Hasegawa HERE.

Please contact us if you have any questions about these awesome new cutting boards! 


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