Nigara Hamono Kurouchi SG2 Kiritsuke Petty 150mm Western Ironwood

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Petty: Often called paring or utility knife, the petty knife is made for smaller cutting tasks. An indispensable tool in any knife kit, it excels at cutting herbs, slicing garlic, dicing shallots, peeling fruit & veg, and even de-boning certain cuts of meat or breaking down poultry. Petty knives can vary in size (75mm -210mm) and shape.

Knife Specs:

Knife specs are taken from a randomly selected knife. These specs may vary from knife to knife due to the handmade nature of our products.

  • Steel: SG2 Powder Stainless
  • HRC: 63~64
  • Edge Length: 140mm
  • Height at heel: 30.26mm
  • Spine thickness above heel: 1.68mm
  • Weight: 112 grams
  • Handle: Custom Western Ironwood
  • Shape: Kiritsuke Petty
  • Finish: Kurouchi/Tsuchime
  • Cladding: Stainless
  • Construction: San-Mai
  • Knife Line: Kurouchi SG2 Ironwood
  • Maker: Nigara Hamono
  • Place of Origin: Hirosaki, Japan

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