Fujiwara nashiji gyuto 180mm

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This is a general purpose knife that most chefs would say they could not do without. The gyuto is the Japanese blade smiths answer to the western chef knife. Gyuto translates to english as cow blade. Gyuto's are generally tall at the heel, flat throughout the blade path, and rounded toward the tip of the knife for rock chopping.

I find this particular knife to be quite fun to use. It has great height, which I love, and the grind along the kiriba (blade path) allows the knife to glide through the food with ease.

Steel Shirogami #1 (White carbon)
HRC 63:64
Weight 167 grams

Length of blade

Height at heel 50mm
Spine thickness
Handle D-shaped magnolia wa-handle
Knife line
Fujiwara nashiji
Knife shape Gyuto
Origin Tokyo, Japan