Japanese Chef Knives: The Cook’s Edge offers a variety of carefully selected handcrafted Japanese knives to help you master any task, big or small, in the kitchen. We have an ever-growing inventory from Shun, Kikuichi, Takeda Hamono, Tojiro, Fujimoto Nashiji, Kotetsu, Sugimori, Zwilling Bob Kramer, Myabi, Victorinox, R.Murphy, and Masashi.

Full-Service Knife Sharpening and Repair: All knives are sharpened in the shop using high quality Japanese whetstones and honed with leather strops.

Kitchen Apparel: We have kick ass gear from Medium Rare Chef Apparel, Boldric and Chef Works.

Kitchenware: We also carry awesome tools from Naniwa, Microplane, KAI, Victorinox, Best Manufacturers, Khun Rikon and Knife bags from The Ultimate Edge and Boldric. We have Coarse and fine ceramic honing rods as well. Looking for a gift for the chef in your life? You can find the latest and best cookbooks here, as well as the staples.

Personalized Service: There are also many factors when selecting a chef knife like size, shape, handle, and type of steel. Not sure what knife it is you need? We have the experience and ability at The Cook’s Edge to help you find the right knife, whether you are a professional looking for a handcrafted Japanese chef knife, or a foodie who likes the finer things in life.