Meet the Team

Adam Sweet (Owner/Operator)

Adam Sweet at his sharpening station

Adam started in the food industry at age 19 as a dishwasher and eventually became a classically trained chef. He graduated from SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) in 2003 with his Red Seal certification. He spent the majority of his cooking career in Calgary, AB, where he worked beside some amazing chefs and had a hand in opening some of Calgary's most notable restaurants. In 2012, Adam moved back to the East Coast to help open a restaurant on PEI. After another couple years of cooking, he was ready for a change.

Adam saw that Atlantic Canada had a vibrant food scene but was lacking a major component- a place to buy quality knives and kitchen tools. So in 2015, The Cook's Edge was born.

Adam has always had a love for hand-forged Japanese knives and over his career as a chef he grew his knife kit as well as his sharpening skills. He knew he wanted to open a shop with a focus on Japanese knives and sharpening services and he wanted it to be welcoming and accessible to professionals and home cooks alike.

Marcel Verhoeven

Marcel started at The Cook's Edge in 2020 after spending a number of years working in the restaurant industry both in Nova Scotia and on PEI. He began his career as a dishwasher and then soon began cooking, learning from his coworkers as he worked his way up. His most recent cooking venture was at Terre Rouge in Charlottetown, where he further refined his cooking skills. When Terre Rouge closed, he decided to switch gears and now loves getting to work with beautiful handcrafted knives everyday.

His introduction to the world of handcrafted Japanese knives happened when he purchased his friend's used Masakage Damascus VG10 180mm Gyuto. He couldn't believe how sharp it was and the difference that quality steel and craftsmanship can make. After that, he was hooked! Marcel's current favorite knife is his small Takeda Gyuto. He loves the super tall profile of the blade, how thin and light it is and its exceptional food release. He also loves the kurouchi finish and heart kanji on the blade, it is just a really cool looking knife!

Marcel loves to cook at home, trying out new recipes, making pickles, basically finding any excuse to get his knives out and play around. His favorite thing to make is fresh pasta, it is so fun to make and have come together into an impressive meal.

Marcel is an exceptional knife sharpener with a great attention to detail. He loves to help people find their dream knife, so come down and meet Marcel today!

Shakeel Ahktar

Shakeel (Shak) is the newest member of The Cook's Edge team, but he was one of the first customers and friends of the shop.
Born in Nova Scotia, raised in New Brunswick and now residing on PEI, Shak has been a part of the Maritime cooking scene for many years. His first cooking gig was at The Lunar Rogue Pub in 2004 while he was attending the University of New Brunswick. He eventually moved to PEI to attend the Culinary Institute of Canada and has since spent many years working for the Murphy Hospitality Group, both at Sims Corner Steakhouse in Charlottetown, PEI and at the Barrington Steakhouse in Halifax, NS. He also had the opportunity to work at Liverpool House in Montreal for a few years. Most of his career has been spent doing butchery and in charge of grilling, roasting and basting meat.

Shak's has always been fascinated by knives but his interest in handcrafted Japanese knives truly began when Adam opened up The Cook's Edge in Charlottetown and he became a regular visitor. He loves one of a kind knives, if they are a little strange or different, they are for him.

When he isn't at work or out seeing live rock and roll shows, Shak loves eating, cooking and reading about food. He loves to cook anything braised, things that take time to develop like gumbo, brisket and Nihari. Two of his very favorite things to eat are his Mom's Nihari and Xiaolongbao soup dumplings. 

Shak is quickly becoming a knife sharpening master and loves to talk about all things BBQ. Come say hi to him at the shop!