The Cook's Edge was founded in 2015 by Adam Sweet, a cook by trade and self-proclaimed knife enthusiast. It is more than just a knife shop, it is a place to get inspired, a place to ask questions and a place to learn.

Adam spent the majority of his almost two decades-long cooking career in Calgary, AB. It was here that he had the privilege of working beside some amazing chefs and lent a hand in the opening of some notable restaurants.

It was early in his career that he became interested in knives and their maintenance. Then one fateful day he was introduced into the magical world of Japanese knives and has never looked back.

After moving back to the east coast, Adam decided he was going to live out his dream of becoming an entrepreneur and bring a better selection of knives to Atlantic Canada. 

Thus, The Cook's Edge was born.

"Japanese knives, sharpening and the culture is amazing. Everyday when I get to the shop there is always something new to learn. Whether it is a sharpening technique, new stone, or a new knife, there is ALWAYS something there.....and that's what I love!"