Collection: Yamawaki ZAD 69 layer damascus

Established in 1929, Yamawaki Hamono strives to maintain the traditional knife making techniques that Sakai is world famous for.
In this line of knives Yamawaki Hamono utilizes ZA-18 cobalt stainless steel as the cutting steel. ZA-18 is manufactured by the the AIchi company, and is said to be a direct competitor of VG10. With roughly 17% chromium and .95%-1.2% carbon, it boasts great edge retention, and easy maintenance, excellent selling points for both home and professional use. The core of the knife is wrapped in 68 layers of softer steel. This helps protect the hard steel core, and gives it beautiful looks as well.
All knives in this line are fitted with an octagonal Wa-handle made from magnolia wood that sport buffalo horn collars. This handle shape is my favourite for both aesthetics and comfort. The Kanji on the blade  義弘作 reads "Made by Master Yoshihiro".
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