Collection: Miyabi “Black” 5000 MCD67

Building on the success of the "birch-wood handle" knives, Miyabi brings the "black" series. Forged in Seki, Japan, Miyabi knives are constantly changing and improving their knives.
The core of the knives is built with extremely hard Hitachi ZDP-189 powdered steel. Originally designed as an industrial strength steel used for large cutting blades, it didn't take long for knife makers and blacksmiths to realize its knife making potential. Tested at an incredible 66 HRC means these beauties can hold an insanely sharp edge for much longer than the average knife, making them a great choice for professionals and knife fanatics.
All of these knives are sporting a striking D-shaped handle from black ash wood or Maple. Black ash is a species of trees native to eastern Canada  and the north eastern United states.  

Steel: ZDP-189 Powder stainless steel
HRC: 66:67
Handle: D-shaped Stabilized Maple

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