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Double Cheese Board

Larchwood Canada
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This impressive display board is excellent for serving a selection of cheeses, sliced meats and finger food or for cutting large baguettes and other breads.

• Robust end grain construction
• Beautiful colours and twirling growth ring patterns
• Large enough to be used as a second cutting board
• Board size is 17,75 x 7 x 1,5 inches (45 × 17,8 × 3,8 cm)
• Board weighs 4 lbs (1,81 kg)

The Double Cheese Board has an enormous amount of space for a serving board so it also works great in the kitchen as a second cutting board. With its huge surface area, this board is great to use for displaying and cutting a larger loaf of bread or baguettes and still have space for cheeses or cold-cuts or just fill it with your favorite hors d’oeuvres. This good sized board is 1.5 inches thick making it perfect to use as a second cutting surface in the kitchen while prepping for the party. The Double Cheese Board with its outstanding end grain design really shows off the beauty of the wood and the food being presented. It also has our signature soft rubber feet to make the board easier to pick-up, prevent sliding and moisture build up and provides wonderful cutting haptics.