15282062_10157926936150061_121699377_nThe Cook’s Edge was founded in 2015 by Adam Sweet, a cook by trade with over 15 years of experience in the culinary industry. This boutique shop is for chefs and home cooking enthusiasts alike and specializes in high quality, handcrafted Japanese chef knives. The shop also offers full-service knife sharpening and repair, kitchen apparel, tools and books.

Adam spent the majority of his cooking career in Calgary, AB. It was here he had the privilege of working beside some amazing chefs and lent a hand in opening some notable restaurants.

Right from the get-go, just like many other chefs, the knives and maintenance of knives intrigued him, and he thought one day he would like to have his own knife shop.

After moving back to the east coast, and having a hand in opening another restaurant, Adam decided he was going to live out his dream of being an entrepreneur, and help bring a better choice of knives to Atlantic Canada.

Thus, The Cook’s Edge was born.

“Japanese knives, sharpening, and the culture is amazing. Everyday I get to the shop there is something new to learn. Whether it is a sharpening technique, new stone, or a new knife, there is ALWAYS something there…..and that’s what I love!”